Julie Gertler


In 1986, Julie predicted today’s intense conflicts about growth and development and founded Consensus to foster constructive communication among the parties and enable responsible projects to get built.

Julie is recognized as a thought-leader in the business of strategic communications and community relations. Throughout her career, she has pioneered techniques that facilitate support for real estate development, transportation improvements, infrastructure projects and environmental cleanups, many of which are broadly applied today.

Julie’s particular expertise is with facilitating controversial processes, communicating with diverse audiences and meeting the needs of decision-makers. She has designed and managed strategic community relations programs for countless projects, including those widely considered to be among the most contentious ever seen in California.

Though she has retired from full-time work, Julie remains involved in the company she founded and supports its leadership team with regular inspiration, insight and strategic planning.

Julie is a graduate of UCLA and the Harvard Law School Public Disputes Program. Prior to founding Consensus, Julie served as Deputy to a member of the Los Angeles City Council, playing a key role in many land use and environmental issues. She successfully managed a United States Congressional campaign, was a mayoral appointee and chair of a commission of the City of Los Angeles and headed a large non-profit membership organization.