Zero Tolerance for Hate Speech

On September 25, 2020, in the online public meeting of the Griffith Park Advisory Board (GPAB), our colleague was personally attacked by a participant who directed disgraceful racial remarks at them. The leaders of the meeting said nothing to unequivocally acknowledge and condemn this egregious act.

Consensus is calling on all leaders of community organizations, City bodies, and neighborhood groups to institute a zero-tolerance policy for hate speech in any type of community or public meeting. And if such despicable acts occur, we call on them to immediately stop the meeting, condemn the act, and issue an apology to the targeted individual or group.

Our firm will never stand by and let such acts go. We believe there is no room for hate speech in public discourse and we will never be party to any projects that enable such behavior at public meetings.

Consensus Joins Top-Tier Ad Agencies in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) Initiative

Consensus has joined more than 60 ad agencies, media, PR and production companies that have come together to support Brave Camp, a summer camp happening in California in July, organized by Today, I'm Brave to empower underserved BIPOC pre-teens to take on life's challenges and unlock their inner bravery. We urge you to join the movement.

Zero Tolerance for Election Violence & Intimidation

The headlines this week on election intimidation and anticipated post-election violence are a stark reminder of how fragile our democracy is.