Zero Tolerance for Election Violence & Intimidation

The headlines this week on election intimidation and anticipated post-election violence are a stark reminder of how fragile our democracy is. In Los Angeles alone the @LAtimes writes Fears of election violence are widespread, poll finds and Latino immigrants who’ve survived electoral violence are anxious about Nov. 3, and @CBSLA reports Stores brace for post-election unrest and possibility of violence, damage to businesses after presidential results. The national press is full of more: the @nytimes writes Ahead of Election, Police Prepare for Violence and Disruption and @washingtonpost Fear of Violence High Ahead of Election Day

In a PR Week Opinion piece by Shaun Clair from 160over90, Four Election Trends to Watch Next Week, “Voters fearful of post-election violence” is listed. “Some 56% of respondents in a recent YouGov poll said that they expect to see “an increase in violence as a result of the election.” 

Most of us are on the sidelines in disbelief – could this be the new normal for Election Day? 

It will be unless we all speak out. At Consensus we can’t help it — it’s in our company’s DNA to actively call out and condemn hate speech and any type of behavior motivated by hate. 

For more than 34 years our brand has stood for encouraging and facilitating dialogue and respectful public discourse among all stakeholders. Hence, our name. To see our elections be dominated by such discouraging headlines is a wake-up call to us as communications practitioners: what are we going to do about this? Do we have a role to play in stopping the spread of this behavior? What is clear is when these acts are not condemned without hesitation, they spread like wildfire. And now we are all bracing for the worst. As PR professionals who act swiftly to shape public opinion, what can we do to have an impact? 

We can start by condemning any and all hate speech when standing at the polls, reading it on social media and witnessing it in public meetings. We can use our phones to instantaneously speak out and make it clear that we have #ZeroToleranceForHate. Join us.

Zero Tolerance for Hate Speech

On September 25, 2020, in the online public meeting of the Griffith Park Advisory Board (GPAB), our colleague was personally attacked by a participant who directed disgraceful racial remarks at them. The leaders of the meeting said nothing to unequivocally acknowledge and condemn this egregious act.

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