Ryan Walker


As an Associate, Ryan is an integral member of the team that specializes in community outreach and engagement. He provides writing, research and community outreach support for complex and controversial projects in Los Angeles related to land use, public infrastructure, construction, and mobility issues.

Ryan is an outstanding public relations practitioner with exceptional skills in verbal and written communications. Prior to joining Consensus, Ryan worked in San Francisco, as a strategic marketing analyst at Cunningham Collective and as a community organizer at Rodriguez Strategies, where he played an instrumental role in rallying opposition to the City’s proposed grocery tax measure. In Los Angeles he has provided communications support for MUFC Union Bank, the “MB Breathe Free” campaign that banned smoking in Manhattan Beach, and The Abernathy MacGregor Group.

An entrepreneur at heart, Ryan managed his own boutique public relations firm, providing professional writing and outreach services to public relations and public policy firms.  Ryan graduated from Santa Clara University with a degree in Political Science and an emphasis in Democracy and International Affairs. He is involved in the nonprofit sector and works with JDRF (the leading global organization funding Type 1 Diabetes research) to help the Type 1 Diabetic community fund, research, and advocate for government support. He also serves as CMO for Admission, Los Angeles’ first community-driven event ecosystem that seamlessly connects people, organizers and venues. In his spare time, Ryan maintains a personal blog and co-produces ‘The Contrarian’ podcast.