John Kennedy

Account Coordinator

At Consensus, John divides his efforts between client work and new-business pursuits. On behalf of clients, he conducts stakeholder outreach and database management. He also assists in community meeting organization, copywriting community outreach materials, and coordinating digital content for website and social media platforms. In the new-business realm, John keeps a watchful eye out for enticing prospects and conducts thorough background research on potential projects and clients. He additionally organizes the proposal process from inception to completion, along the way coordinating and facilitating content and materials creation.

John brings a diverse skillset to Consensus, combining his experience in public relations, marketing, and sales. During his time in college, he was inducted into the world of public relations while interning for political PR firm Javelina Co in his native Phoenix, Arizona. There, he developed his copywriting chops while working on an array of projects, ranging from local political campaigns to green-tech. From there, his burgeoning interest in PR and marketing led him on a winding road through the world of real estate, and ultimately into the tech start-up world with Pick My Solar, where he pursued his interest in the environmental health, further honed his writing skills, and picked up some respectable sales experience as well.

John earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Occidental College.