Check out our op-ed in the LA Times on the new ‘granny flat’ laws

One of the most passionate housing advocates here on our team at Consensus, Cash Rutherford provides insight in the joint op-ed “Sweeping new laws will provide the gift of ‘granny flats” published on January 3, 2020 in the L.A. Times’ Daily Pilot.

Authored by Cash and Elizabeth Hansburg of People for Housing Orange County, this piece discusses the sweeping changes brought on Jan. 1 by recent state laws that clear red tape for new housing – “The 2020s are here and the ADU floodgates are open.”

“For homeowners considering an ADU, regulatory barriers are reduced and fees lowered. For renters, these new laws spur the development of more affordable housing opportunities. For cities, ADUs offer the possibility of creating new housing stock without the NIMBY push back that plays out in public hearings.”

Read our full Op-Ed from the L.A. Times’ Daily Pilot here.

Cassius “Cash” Rutherford is an assistant account manager here at Consensus and a Parks, Arts & Community Services commissioner for the city of Costa Mesa. Elizabeth Hansburg is the co-founder and director of People for Housing Orange County and a planning commissioner for the city of Fullerton.

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